Our New Home


Welcome to the future home of the SoT! This site is a work in progress, yet will become our mother portal for chapters everywhere.

SoT was founded back in the blazing hot summer of 2014, by a handful of seriously salty entrepreneurs and technologists in high-tech; tired of 'social networking' and corporatized social culture. We wanted something more, something real. Something that could build friendships, ourselves, and our careers. Not just another LinkedIn contact...

It quickly grew a presence in Austin and Dallas, Texas, where we now have hundreds of Sons. We have SoT seed chapters in Houston, San Francisco, and Chicago, with some undulations in membership over time, simply as we never spent a single dollar in marketing. We aim to be a more permanent presence in large metropolitan areas, on a national and international basis, over time. Our spirit of pure intent and brotherhood is entirely unique in today's technology, business, or motorcycling arenas.

Our vision is -- that one day soon -- you will be able to find a Son in every big city you visit. We want to stage annual events where all chapters of SoT can meet, and where we can share our unique experiences in a safe and trusted environment --- always.

Look for a local SoT Meetup where you are. If you cannot find one, contact us.

SoT is an international brotherhood of technology professionals who ride. We keep a low profile and seek to build each other and our community over time, through patience and resilience.

Our member roster spans self-funded entrepreneurs of the old kind, to Fortune 50 engineers and senior executives. You never know who's hiding behind that visor. We've been surprised ourselves, more than one time. SoT is a place for all walks. Be humble and you shall receive... Together we share knowledge and opportunities based on real human interaction. Delete that Twitter account and come out to ride with us...

Why a fraternity centered on technology and motorcycling in 2019? Motorcycling is a proven social filter that make interactions real, through shared passions in a physical and tactile world that never lies. You cannot fake how well you ride a 1000cc motorcycle. You either do it well, or you don't. Either way, a more humble conversation rooted in reality will manifest after a good ride. And, because men need brotherhood that is non-judgemental, inclusive, and constructive; now more than ever. A safe place for self-improvement without pop-cultural judgement or heavily politicized behavioral expectations. Where only skill and purity of intent matters. 

If you wanted to start a 'Daughters of Technology' chapter - we'd be the first to help... (we also welcome female members).

See you on the streets.

Always be a Son, SoT Austin.