Welcome to the future home of SoT! This site is a work in progress, yet will become our mother portal for chapters everywhere.

This spring we launched our first ever fund raiser, in earnest. To the immediate right of this article you can see a "Donate now" button that will take you straight through to SoT's formal PayPal and bank accounts. As of last fall we incorporated in Texas, with the aim to drive our unique potential as far as it can go. Our first target is $5,000.00 - and we will leave the drive open throughout 2018. PLEASE, SUPPORT SoT BY DONATING ANY AMOUNT YOU SEE FIT.

Our vision is--that one day soon--you will be able to find a Son in every big city you visit. We want to stage annual events where all chapters of SoT can meet, and where we can share our unique experiences in a safe and trusted environment --- always.

In the past 4(!) years there is no doubt many of you have made new friends, learned new roads, or even found a new job; all through SoT. It is now that we ask for you to help us expand; and grow our presence and impact even further.

The SoT Core in Austin, under new leadership by Ted Biggie, has been meeting and determining what direction we wish to grow. More programmed high quality events (remember our SoT Speaker Series?)-- and rides--are certainly on the horizon, along with an updated online presence, quality manufactured SoT gear (hats, hoodies, patches etc.), and a push into new cities (perhaps even new countries…).

What will your hard earned tech-dollars cover under this drive?

  1. Further organization of our online presence, with this new portal (custom built by Jack and Bo) being at its core. Scalable hosting on AWS is one of our first expense items.
  2. Quality swag, many of you want more SoT branded gear for your chapter, and we know that hats and hoodies are on top of that list. This is another expense item.
  3. Long-term planning of high-quality events, we know that many miss the success of the SoT Speaker Series. We will dig deeper into high-quality talent to program. This is another expense item.
  4. Patches, many of you want one-piece high-quality patches to go on the back of your favorite riding jacket or vest.  We will start the process of getting prototypes made at the best quality and lowest cost. This is another expense item.

Click through to PayPal and we’ll be seeing you on the streets, soon.

Always be a Son, SoT Austin.